• Susan G. Chamberlain,PhD.

Soul Transformation 9/20/20

StarSeeds, Light Workers, Energy Workers, WayShowers, WE have all been designed for this Massive Ascension shift. You may not feel so, or you might, and here WE are.

These last few months have really been working on/with/through you for what’s coming. What you may not want to See is coming up.

All the deceit you really don’t want to know about or face, is coming.

Manipulation, corruption, control, programs of propaganda, dark lies, medical misery, thousands of years of low level existence being kept down by the elite. This is coming into Light more and more.

What you didn’t or did think you knew or thought about in a conspiracy theory, is going to be up close and personal. All, will get to see how much their lives have been suppressed by the manipulative elite.

The Human Collective will need to see this DARKNESS of Thousands of years in order to Shift. It must be a physical experience in order to Shift.

The Collective will have to physically see the people, places and things that kept the Darkness alive for thousands of years to Shift it.


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