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Soul Transformation 9/28/20

Our reality continues to gain Higher Grounds, Higher Frequency, Higher Light, more Benevolence. WE are responding to our field in a completely different way now, as we navigate our Journey’s.

WE become in-tune with Higher Light Consciousness. Everything becomes brighter, louder, lovelier, vibrant, wiser, tastier, softer, more subtle, less triggered, more understanding.

When our anchored baseline shifts, so does our reality. This is a very natural Ascension Process, that’s currently taking place on the same planet you incarnated onto.

WE can be in the same house or not, same career or not, same relationship or not. These will continue to occur but your whole outlook and experience will be completely different.

As our Physical Body holds these Higher Frequencies of Consciousness, each Being WE come into contact with may not be as Aware as WE are. Hence, different realities will be occurring simultaneously.

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