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Soul Transformation 9/8/20

Remember you’re not your conditioned Human, the Human you came in as part of your family.

Try not to look back to your old Human, your old You.

WE are already anchoring in those Higher States of Being, of Consciousness, of Light. So WE must learn to access being our New You, our New Way Human.

WE need to really assess, to CHOOSE something Higher. You can control your responses without reactions. What are you actually FEELING? Instead of reacting...

You’ll Feel the old ways, old beliefs, old attitudes coming in. Keep your Self in Awareness. Stop your Self from going down the old road. Lift up your Spirit.

CHOICE is key here. Don’t look for the older version of you to be You in this Newness. Pull Higher Light directly into your everyday life, You know you’re already anchored in Light Frequency.

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