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Divine Path … Sacred Love …

Pisces Full Moon 7:54pm EST. This Full Moon with Pisces Energy will transmute you, while the Energy of Virgo will purify you. The combination here is in preparation for your Higher Self coming more into your form.

Soul Purpose is at hand here with this Pisces Full Moon. Spiritual practices pull you into your service work more and more. Being Confident is key.

Unique and Practical you become as you make your way with the more Authentic part of you; during this Full Moon in Pisces. Things will be dissolving in your world. Release and Let Go.

Your fears may come to the surface as you begin to realize more of your Soul Purpose and Destiny. Parts of you are frozen in time and you feel not worthy of your New Role.

The Pisces Energy here is so powerful and it’s really placed between your humanness and your Spirit. You have to Let Go of the past. Full Moons are for Releasing, so set an Intention to let go of things no longer serving you.

As you Let Go of what used to be, you’re available to take on the New version of You; with no fear but Courage. You’re Surrendering to your Authentic Self.

GOD Loves You!


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Pisces full moon … 🌝

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